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Take a look at a small sample of some of the research conducted by our faculty members.


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Work-Life Balance: Work, Family, Self, Professor Zeynep Aycan

“How does one manage this busy life? The research on this subject has started in the world between two domains of life. Work and family. Initially, researchers wanted to know whether or not work interferes with family, family interferes with work. And then what happens to those people who have difficulty balancing these two areas?” Professor of Psychology Zeynep Aycan shares the current research conducted on “work- life balance”.

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Human Rights Law in the Gulf Cooperation Council, Associate Professor Başak Çalı

Associate Professor Başak Çalı digs deep in Human Rights Law in GCC countries and explains why do GCC states ratify UN human rights treaties and how does ratification turn into implementation.

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Identification of New Drugs for the Treatment of Prostate Cancer, Assistant Professor Nathan Lack

Prostate cancer is one of the most common forms of cancers, affecting one out of every seven European and Turkish men. Despite extensive research, many questions still remain about how this important transcription factor works. Assistan Professor Nathan Lack shares his promising research on this disastrous disease.

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